About us

We come from a family of premature hair loss in women. Over the years since a child I've watched the elders of my family hierarchy battle with what they call heredity or it's in your "Genes". I struggled to see my mother and grandmother loose beautiful hair as their middle ages began. I prayed God, please break the generational curse. Over time I began to use products that didn't seem to work, and I began researching natural herbs and oils to make for myself. Today my family, friends and I have used the hair serums, shampoos & conditioners. They work miracles to what they call a hereditary curse. Fast forward the global pandemic Covid entered our world & into my home. I was admitted into the hospital and spent 7 months on a ventilator and ICU. To say the least all of my hair fell out from the ICU ward and multiple medications they had me on. My daughters began using the natural oils and herbs to help my hair grow back because they knew I would be devastated by not having any of my hair. Over the months I came home and right away I began perfecting my formulas that were growing my hair back. We are breaking generational curses that have plagued families for years. I lost my hair due to medications and a disease but the hair loss gene is still in my "Genes" & what was once bald is totally growing back. Let's just say I've been inspired to help break the family hair loss curse and help other men and women grow their hair back as well. God Bless